SAHM has opened a call for a new editor-in-chief of its official scholarly journal, the Journal of Adolescent Health (JAH). JAH is ranked 5th among all pediatric journals and has an impact factor of 3.974, which has steadily risen over the last decade. The selected candidate will assume a five-year term with the possibility of two consecutive extensions.
The editor-in-chief of the Journal of Adolescent Health (JAH) is the public face of the journal. He or she will put their reputation and name to the journal as they steer its strategic direction and oversee the journal's peer-review process.

Administrative responsibilities include receiving all manuscripts, overseeing assignments for review and editorial decisions, monitoring recommendations from associate editors regarding disposition of manuscripts, and transmitting accepted manuscripts to the publisher. The editor-in-chief has the ultimate responsibility of making a final decision on whether to accept or reject an article for publication in the journal.

Applications are due December 15, 2017, and a final decision will be made the summer of 2018. The official term will begin July, 2019.

Downloadable job description.

The main areas of focus for the editor-in-chief are to:
  • Provide strategic direction and vision of the journal consistent with the scientific and educational mission of SAHM. 
  • Manage the journal's peer-review process that includes overseeing assignments for review and editorial decisions, monitoring recommendations from associate editors regarding disposition of manuscripts, and having the final decision on whether to accept or reject an article for publication in the journal. 
  • Seek and leverage opportunities to enhance the impact of JAH, for example, by developing supplemental issues on specific topics with appropriate third parties that may increase the influence and reach of JAH and the Society. 
  • Serve as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.  
Assumptions for the editor-in-chief:
  • Is passionate about the Society’s vision and mission
  • Has the energy, vision, commitment and open-mindedness to actively engage in identifying new strategies to grow the journal’s recognition on the global stage.
  • Strong reputation for fairness, integrity, professionalism, equanimity and good judgement.
  • Ability to ensure that the journal content reflects SAHM’s mission while maintaining the independence and integrity of the scientific information published. 
Criteria for editor-in-chief:
  • Demonstrated significant and leading contributions to the scientific literature in the field of adolescent health and medicine
  • International reputation as a leading investigator in the field of adolescent health
  • Demonstrated experience in adolescent health with substantial clinical and research expertise in scientific methodology as reflected by successful funding, administration of peer-reviewed grant projects, and authorship on numerous peer-reviewed publications
  • A clear vision and clearly articulated strategic vision for JAH
  • Substantial experience with peer review of scientific manuscripts (including reviewing papers for JAH) as demonstrated by service as the editor or associate editor of a scientific journal, or by membership on editorial boards of multiple scientific journals
  • The  ability to work in a highly responsive and collaborative manner 
  • Documented capacity to make a substantial time commitment. The editor-in-chief position requires approximately a 50% time commitment to actuate the operations needed to run the journal
  • Support from one’s academic institution, where applicable.
  • Strong familiarity with editorial policy and issues in an electronic medium
  • A strong commitment to ensure that JAH continues to serve the SAHM membership by publishing high quality research with clear clinical implications
  • A commitment to maintain the high scientific and ethical standards of JAH
  • Excellent written communication and editing skills in the English language
  • Strong organizational and managerial skills 
  • Membership in SAHM encouraged but not required
Term and Compensation:
  • The editor-in-chief of JAH shall be appointed by the President with concurrence of the Board of Directors for a five-year term and may be reappointed to two additional consecutive terms of office.  
  • The editor-in-chief is a non-voting member of the SAHM Board of Directors.
  • Compensation is available for this position at an amount determined by the SAHM Board. 
Application Procedure:
All interested applicants must submit the following by December 15th, 2017 to SAHM Executive Director Ryan Norton.
  • A letter of intent, including a proposal outlining a strategic vision for managing the journal, and an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of JAH. (5 page maximum)
  • A statement of practicalities including location, estimation of time available, relevant experience and a description of administrative and institutional support envisioned for the editorial office. (5 page maximum)
  • CV 
  • A letter of support from the Department Chair or Dean, if appropriate
  • 2-3 letters of reference that speak to the applicant’s abilities and experience as required in the criteria listed above. 
Selection Process and Timeline:
  • Application deadline is December 15, 2017. Application materials are to be sent to SAHM Executive Director Ryan Norton.
  • Applications will be reviewed by an ad-hoc search committee appointed by SAHM leadership. The committee will invite the top identified candidates to an in-person interview conducted during the SAHM 2018 Annual Meeting (March 14-17, 2018) in Seattle, WA.  
  • Final decisions on the selected candidate will be made in June 2018. 
  • The official term of the newly appointed editor-in-chief will begin on July 1, 2019. 

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