SAM Regional Chapter Board of Directors Representative  

Kelly Bethea, MD, FSAHM (2014-2017)



Chapters create their own terms for leaderships, and because of this it’s important that the SAHM chapter president contact SAHM Headquarters no later than April 1 every year to update SAHM HQ on the names, email addresses and mailing addresses of chapter leaders. We’ve noticed that most chapters change leaderships at the SAHM Annual Meeting. Contacting SAHM HQ on or before April 1 ensures that the chapter membership reports and dues checks are going to the correct person and are sent on time after the first quarter and every month and quarter after that. At that time, the new contact or treasurer may be asked to fill out a W9 for our accounting records. This will only need to be done if the dues check is made out to an individual and not to the name of the chapter’s bank account.
If there any other changes throughout the year, please contact SAHM HQ as soon as possible so that we have an accurate record for your chapter.


Each year SAHM HQ will reach out to the chapter presidents with a link to their existing webpage to make any changes and you can send any changes throughout the year by following these steps:


  1. Please review your chapter’s page on the SAHM site:

  2. Provide updates in a Microsoft Word document as it should appear on the webpage to SAHM Headquarters. The information you provide will be posted to the site EXACTLY as you provide it, so make sure to check for errors.

  3. Site visitors will want to contact you or another chapter representative with questions about your chapter – make sure that you provide correct contact information (either e-mail or phone number, if not both).

  4. At the minimum, your page must include: chapter leadership, contact information, and a brief description of what region you encompass.  Additionally, you may want to list a schedule of any upcoming events or meetings, or your chapter mission or objectives.

chapter membership dues collection, reporting and payment schedule

Chapter Membership Dues Collection

The SAHM Headquarters Office offers to collect membership dues payments on behalf of regional chapters at no cost. Chapters will receive monthly transaction reports and receive payment of dues collected quarterly. It is the responsibility of the chapter to inform SAHM Headquarters of the amount to be charged. Since SAHM begins its annual renewal campaign each October, it is recommended that notification of a dues increase be made by no later than July 1st.

Chapter Membership Reporting

Each month, SAHM HQ will send the president/designated individual a report detailing those who have paid dues for membership with their chapter. The report will only capture those who have paid their dues and or signed up for the chapter through SAHM Headquarters.

Quarterly Dues Payments

If your chapter collects dues through SAHM HQ, you will receive a check for payments collected quarterly. A report will be sent with the transactions of dues and the names of the individual as well as the total amount of the check. The secretary-treasurer as well as chapter president are typically contacted in regards to the dues reporting.


As of 2012, SAHM no longer permits the use of its federal tax id# to establish a chapter bank account. SAHM recommends chapters obtain their own Employer Identification Number (EIN) to assist them with establishing a bank account. By receiving an EIN from the IRS, the chapter would be recognized by the IRS for tax reporting purposes. This works like a person’s social security number, but for businesses. (This is why a local chapter cannot open up a bank account in SAHM’s name, as they are separate organizations.) With an EIN and its Articles of Incorporation, the chapter can open up a bank account in its own name. This is also helpful when control of the funds switch from one person to another, such as when a new president takes over, etc.   

Here is a link to set up an Employer Identification Number (EIN) online – Select the “View Additional Types” option within the first step, then choose “other not for profit". You will need the social security number of the responsible party to complete the form.  

Once you have obtained an EIN, you should be able to set up a bank account without issue. For information on how to apply for tax-exempt status, visit

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