The Southeast Regional Chapter includes members (about 40) from six states: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. The Chapter meets annually at the national SAHM meeting. The executive committee of the chapter plans educational events for local providers from many disciplines focusing on the care of adolescents. 

We hope that you will consider joining our chapter. Membership in National SAHM is not a requirement to be a member in the chapter.  We welcome new members.  Chapter dues are only $20 per year and $50 for three years.

We have 2 Adolescent Medicine Training Programs: at Miami Children’s Hospital and University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Pediatrics. In addition, UAB has a Leadership and Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) program for all disciplines and sends out a newsletter for updates. Email LEAH if you would like to join.
Current President
Sarah Stender, MD, FSAHM

President Elect aka Vice President
Stephenie Wallace, MD

Past President
Mark Thomas, MD
Tami Thomas, PhD, RN, FAANP, FAAN

Debra Braun-Courville, MD, FSAHM
Jasmine Reese, MD

Join this chapter — membership in SAHM is not required to join a chapter, but you are invited to join. Members: log in and visit My Communities to network with other chapter members.

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