Adolescence is a unique stage of development that requires the support of health professionals who can assist young people as they gradually accept increasing responsibility for their own health and transition from childhood to adulthood.

SAHM members recognize that adolescent health care involves more than routine check-ups. Adolescents have diverse health needs—including those related to their physical development, body image, nutrition, sexuality, mental health, use of substances and other risk behaviors. Difficulties within the family, school, or peer group often emerge or manifest as health concerns during the adolescent years.

  • Find an Adolescent Health professional near you – SAHM members have unique and specialized skills working with adolescents and young adults. This useful directory will put you in touch with those of our member professionals in your area.
  • THRIVE App: Developed by SAHM – This free app designed to empower parents of adolescents and young adults was adapted from a previously printed brochure, which provides parents and students with the important medical and mental health information they should review before campus life begins, including the most up-to-date immunization requirements for teens. 

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