SAHM is pleased to present an app designed to empower parents to begin a dialogue with their teen or young adult on important health topics, and help manage their own health. Available on Apple and Android products, the THRIVE app can be downloaded for FREE.

The app features an extensive library of teen health and wellness topics relevant to this transformative and often complex stage of life to help parents have important discussions with their teens and young adults. It also provides parents with conversation starters for difficult or sensitive topics; health exams and preventive health information, including vaccinations and well-visits; risk-oriented behavior, such as drinking, smoking or sexual health; social media and more.

“Parents tend to have a high level of involvement in managing the health of babies and young children. As their children become teens and young adults, however, we often see a decline in regular, proactive health care visits and a gap in health-oriented discussions. With THRIVE, parents can proactively keep their children healthy by directly engaging with important issues, such as immunizations and sexual health, that affect them as they develop through major life stages,” said SAHM Past President Dr. Michael Resnick.

With the THRIVE app (Teen Health Resources, Information and Vaccine Education), developed in partnership with Pfizer and the UNITY Consortium, parents can create profiles for each of their children and keep track of their health records and checklist items. There is even a tab for checking the weather where their child lives, for example if their child is away at college. The app uses major milestone markers within a child's life to identify relevant health information housed in a helpful checklist of action items and conversation starters. These items help engage with your child about things like getting a driver's license, tobacco and alcohol use or signing up for health insurance after college.

Download the flyer to promote the app with friends, colleagues or at your office.  SAHM-THRIVE-Flyer-JPG-(2).jpg


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