Stars Donation Program
Andromeda Circle ($1,000 +)

Larry S. Neinstein  - Andromeda Circle Larry S. Neinstein $3,956 Established by:
Curren Warf and Susan Rabinovitz
Supported by:
Tammie Akiyoshi, Seth Ammerman, Marvin Belzer, Claudia Borzutzky, Niquelle Brown, Todd Callahan, Sarah Carpenter, Veenod Chulani, Lawrence D'Angelo, Susie Forer-Dehrey, Evelyn Eisenstein, Stuart Gabriel, Neville Golden, Gerri and Ken Gross, Jill Halper, Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, Sheila & Sadler Hayes, Charles E. Irwin, Jr., Judith Katzburg, Miriam Kaufman, Howard Look, Debra Lotstein, Debbie Neinstein and the Neinstein family, David Reitman, Dr. Ronald & Sheryl Schott, David Soloway, Trinka & Howard Soloway, Sara Taylor, Elizabeth Woods, Lonnie Zeltzer, and Greg Zimet
Vaughn Rickert - Andromeda Circle Vaughn Rickert $2,405 Established by:
Larry D'Angelo
Supported by:
Trina Menden Anglin, Lyn Bearinger, Evelyn Eisenstein, J. Dennis Fortenberry, Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, Kirsten Hawkins, Nneka Azikiwe Holder, Amy Middleman, Pamela J. Murray, Donna R. Perry, Manuel Angel Oscos-Sanchez, Elizabeth Ozer, Donna Perry, Michael Resnick, Susan Rosenthal and Greg Zimet
SAHM International Chapter - Andromeda Circle SAHM International Chapter $1,100 Established by:
International Chapter
Supported by:
Joseph Bortolussi
David Rosen - Andromeda Circle David Rosen $1,050 Established by:
Laura Richardson
Supported by:
Linda Bearinger, John Kulig, Eric Meininger, Michael Resnick and Peter Scal
La Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa  - Andromeda Circle La Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa $1,000 Established by:
Manuel Ángel Oscós-Sánchez
Joseph Joseph "Jerry" Rauh $1,000 Established by:
John Kulig
Supported by:
Richard Brookman
Richard Heyman - Andromeda Circle Richard Heyman $1,000 Established by:
John Kulig
Supported by:
Elizabeth M. Alderman, Richard Brookman, Robert T. Brown, Ellen Rome
Gail B. Slap, MD, MSc - Andromeda Circle Gail B. Slap, MD, MSc $1,000 Established by:
Established by CHOP Division of Adolescent Medicine
Capella Circle ($500-$999)

Paula Duncan - Andromeda Circle Paula Duncan $925 Established by:
Erica Gibson
Supported by:
Barbara Frankowski, Lewis First, Richard Wasserman, Stephanie Winters, Ann Guillot, Mary Guillot, Iris Litt
Lawrence D'Angelo - Andromeda Circle Lawrence D'Angelo $850 Established by:
Karen Rosewater
Supported by:
Anthony Acquavella, John Kulig and Maria Trent
Planned Parenthood - Andromeda Circle Planned Parenthood $650 Established by:
Carol Ford
Supported by:
Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, Greg Zimet
Renee Jenkins - Andromeda Circle Renee Jenkins $600 Established by:
Tamera Coyne-Beasley
Supported by:
John Kulig and Leslie Walker-Harding
J. Roswell Gallagher - Andromeda Circle J. Roswell Gallagher $500 Established by:
John Kulig
James A. Meyer, MD - Andromeda Circle James A. Meyer, MD $500 Established by:
James A. Meyer, MD
Maia Circle ($100-$499)

Richard Kreipe - Andromeda Circle Richard Kreipe $425 Established by:
Susan Yussman
Supported by:
Roseanna Battista, Laurie Passalacqua, Jane Tuttle, Elizabeth McAnarney, Carole Berger, Taylor Star
Malala Yousafzai - Andromeda Circle Malala Yousafzai $350 Established by:
Richard Kreipe
Supported by:
Elizabeth M. Alderman and Anonymous Donor
Charles E. Irwin - Andromeda Circle Charles E. Irwin $251 Established by:
Your mentee
Supported by:
Sara Buckelew and Elizabeth Ozer
Gregory Zimet - Andromeda Circle Gregory Zimet $230 Established by:
His mentees and colleagues
Susan M. Coupey - Andromeda Circle Susan M. Coupey $201 Established by:
Your mentee and Hina Talib
Maggie Blythe - Andromeda Circle Maggie Blythe $225 Established by:
Greg Zimet
Supported by:
Amy Middleman, Susan Rosenthal
Trainees in Adolescent Health - Andromeda Circle Trainees in Adolescent Health $200 Established by:
Bonnie Halpern-Felsher
Supported by:
Zachary McClain
Wendi Ehrman - Andromeda Circle Wendi Ehrman $200 Established by:
James Meyer
Paula Cody - Andromeda Circle Paula Cody $200 Established by:
James Meyer
Susan Jay - Andromeda Circle Susan Jay $200 Established by:
James Meyer
Patricia Kokotailo - Andromeda Circle Patricia Kokotailo $200 Established by:
James Meyer
John Stephenson - Andromeda Circle John Stephenson $200 Established by:
James Meyer
Susan L. Rosenthal - Andromeda Circle Susan L. Rosenthal $150 Established by:
Her Colleagues
Aretha Franklin  - Andromeda Circle Aretha Franklin $150 Established by:
Curren Warf, Tamera Coyne-Beasley and Lisa Barkley
SAHM Regional Chapters - Andromeda Circle SAHM Regional Chapters $150 Established by:
Kelly Bethea
Susan Susan "Shana" Millstein $150 Established by:
Carol Ford
Supported by:
Elizabeth Ozer
Robert Brown - Andromeda Circle Robert Brown $150 Established by:
Cynthia Holland-Hall
Supported by:
Susan Coupey
Jonathan D. Klein - Andromeda Circle Jonathan D. Klein $125 Established by:
Nicola J. Gray
Ann McPherson - Andromeda Circle Ann McPherson $125 Established by:
Nicola J. Gray
C. Anita Robinson - Andromeda Circle C. Anita Robinson $100 Established by:
Sharyn Malcolm
Dr Josep Cornella I Canals  - Andromeda Circle Dr Josep Cornella I Canals $100 Established by:
Tomas Jose Silber
Kathryn Ford Rudek - Andromeda Circle Kathryn Ford Rudek $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Nelson Mandela - Andromeda Circle Nelson Mandela $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Maria Britto - Andromeda Circle Maria Britto $100 Established by:
Michele Dritz
Shannon Ford Rudek - Andromeda Circle Shannon Ford Rudek $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Susannah Ford - Andromeda Circle Susannah Ford $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Rachel Levine, MD Physician General of the State of Pennsylvania - Andromeda Circle Rachel Levine, MD Physician General of the State of Pennsylvania $100 Established by:
Richard E. Kreipe
Gary Remafedi - Andromeda Circle Gary Remafedi $100 Established by:
Eric Meininger
Tonia T. - Andromeda Circle Tonia T. $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Vivian Hiestand - Andromeda Circle Vivian Hiestand $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Barbara K. Snyder - Andromeda Circle Barbara K. Snyder $100 Established by:
Stephanie Strozuk
World Health Organization - Andromeda Circle World Health Organization $100 Established by:
Carol Ford
Dr. Paulino Castells - Andromeda Circle Dr. Paulino Castells $100 Established by:
Tomas Silber
Michael Resnick - Andromeda Circle Michael Resnick $100 Established by:
Elizabeth Ozer
Linda Bearinger - Andromeda Circle Linda Bearinger $100 Established by:
Elizabeth Ozer
S. Jean Emans - Andromeda Circle S. Jean Emans $150 Established by:
Maria Monge
Supported by:
Susan Coupey, Amy Middleman
Alain Joffe - Andromeda Circle Alain Joffe $100 Established by:
Maria Trent
Marylou Rosenblatt - Andromeda Circle Marylou Rosenblatt $100 Established by:
Maria Trent