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The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM) has recently formed a Publications Editorial Board (PEB) to manage and oversee position paper conception, development and publication of position papers of the Society. 

Application Deadline: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 

The PEB consists of a multidisciplinary group of SAHM members with a wide-range of editorial experiences and expertise. The PEB is chaired/directed/facilitated by the Director of Publications. PEB members serve a two-year term and are eligible to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Membership of the PEB should reflect the diversity of the Society including, but not limited to, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, professional discipline, and geographic spread.  Appointments are to be determined by the Director of Publications with approval of the President of the Society and the concurrence of the SAHM Board of Directors (BOD). 

The PEB convenes approximately five times a year via teleconference, and meet in-person at the SAHM Annual Meeting. PEB members will be expected to keep in contact with their assigned author groups throughout the duration of the development, review and approval process.  

The Publications Editorial Board consists of the following members: 

  • Paula Braverman, MD, FSAHM; Director of Publications
  • Sinem Alkgul, MD, PhD
  • David Bell, MD, MPH
  • Swati Bhave, MD, DCH, FIAP, FAAP(H)
  • Devon Hensel, PhD, FSAHM
  • Debra Katzman, MD, FSAHM

Application Deadline: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

To apply, submit a one-page letter of interest, citing your interest in the position along with a copy of your CV to SAHM Executive Director, Ryan Norton by Wednesday, July 22, 2020.  

The PEB applicant must:

  • Be a SAHM member
  • Have expertise in the field of Adolescent Health
  • Have a wide-range of editorial experiences in scientific writing.
  • Have an interest in developing and shaping adolescent health content. 
  • Enjoy working with multiple individuals. 
  • Able to work with deadlines.
  • Develop collaborative relationships with authors to help them improve the quality of their work. 

Overall Roles and Responsibilities of the PEB

The PEB shall be responsible for:

  • Preserving and enhancing the Society's reputation as a trusted source of high-quality information on adolescent and young adult health
  • Providing leadership in the development of position papers for the Society
  • Assessing need, quality and content of letter of intents for position papers of the Society, and reporting its findings to the BOD for their review and approval
  • Assessing editorial quality and content of position papers of the Society, and reporting its findings to the BOD for their review and approval
  • Overseeing the ongoing development of efficient procedures for the conception, development, review and approval processes of position papers

Responsibilities related to position paper development and review processes

The PEB shall be responsible for: 

  • Recommending (in consultation with the BOD and membership when needed) appropriate authors for position papers
  • Maintaining  the highest standards of peer review, in line with the current guidelines from relevant bodies (e.g. International Council of Medical Journal Editors)
  • Recommending and consulting experts for peer review of position papers
  • Monitoring and communicating developments and timelines of position papers to the authors and BODs
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the BOD on any changes to previously published position papers 

PEB Reporting Structure:

  • The PEB reports to the BOD via the Director of Publications
  • The Director of Publications serves as a liaison between (i) PEB members and the BOD & the Society’s staff and between (ii) the PEB and authors of position papers
  • The Director of Publications will assign (when appropriate) a PEB committee member (referred to as the representative) to serve as a liaison with authoring group. The Director of Publications will support and oversee the liaison activity
  • The Director of Publications will present intent documents and draft position papers to the SAHM BOD for approval at scheduled BOD meetings, as needed 
  • Reports are presented to the BOD by the Director of Publications at the annual Spring BOD Meeting and as needed during other BOD meetings (in-person or conference calls) throughout the year
  • Annual reports are presented to the membership by the Director of Publications during the Annual Meeting

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