About Seattle

Seattle, America's northwest metropolis set amongst numerous islands and national parks, is a port city rich with a mixture of culture, history and industry. After being founded as a transportation hub with its proximity to Alaska and California, major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks were founded and Seattle has become a hub for technology startups, rivaling Silicon Valley.

If the SAHM annual meeting will be your first time in Seattle, or if you've been a dozen times, Pike Place Market is a must-see. Unlike the famous Space Needle, locals are always up for a trip to Pike Place. Here you'll find the entryway for the abundance of fish found throughout the city's delectable seafood restaurants.

Famous for its music history, beginning with its jazz clubs to Jimi Hendrix to its grunge scene in the 90s with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and more, Seattle is still a great city to catch a show in, with historic venues The Showbox, Columbia City Theater, The Crocodile and more. After the show, grab a beer at one of the dozens of local microbreweries which have sprouted over the last decade such as Elysian, Fremont, Pike, Georgetown or Cloudburst.

Have fun exploring the diverse neighborhoods, upscale Queen Anne, hipster Capitol Hill, artistic Fremont or several others. Each area is unique and you won't know Seattle until you've visited them all.


Hitchcock Restaurant
Flintcreek Cattle Co.
Cafe Munir
Brimmer and Heeltap
No Anchor
Le Pichet
Sushi Kashiba
Matt's in the Market
Il Corvo
The London Plane