SAHM 21 SIG Meeting Recordings​



Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - Noon-1 p.m. ET
Laura Grubb, MD, Floating Hospital for Children Tufts


Description: An open forum discussion on current advocacy issues relevant to adolescent and young adult health. 

Eating Disorders

Jennifer Carlson, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine        


Description: The Eating Disorders SIG provides a forum for discussion for those who are interested in or involved in research or treatment of young people with eating disorders. It fosters connections between a diverse international group of clinicians, researchers and advocates. In addition, it is a place where those who are interested in, but as yet inexperienced in the field, are welcome to participate and connect with potential mentors and colleagues. This year with the SAHM meeting theme of "Mapping an Agenda to Transform the Future of Adolescent Health”, we will devote part of our time to exploring strategies and technology for managing adolescents with eating disorders during COVID times and beyond. We aim to learn from each other’s collective wisdom on what tools have been implemented and what new tools need to be developed to maximize care for this diverse population. The remainder of the time will be for discussion of topics of interest to the group, as well as updates on ongoing projects and collaborations. Participants are invited to contact the facilitators prior to the meeting with any topics that they wish to be discussed. Potential topics for consideration include: athletes with eating disorders, treatment of males with eating disorders, pharmacologic treatment for low bone mineral density, approach to patients with ARFID, and/or challenging case presentations.

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