Presentation & Logistics Guidelines

Congratulations on the acceptance of your presentation.  We look forward to your informative session during the SAHM 2021 Annual Meeting. Below please find speaker guidelines specific to your presentation type.

Presentation Details by session type

General Information (for all presenters)

Live Workshops

Research Presentations  

General Information (for all presenters)


Accessing Your Session for Presentation

Presenters are asked to join at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their designated presentation timeslot. A SAHM staff member will be on-hand for the entirety of your session to help presenters get situated and assist with troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Follow the instructions below to join your session:
  1. Log into the virtual platform using the unique login information provided to you via email prior to the start of the meeting. Targeting to send to all registered attendees by Thursday, March 4. Subsequent emails with login information will be sent leading up to the start of the meeting.
  2. Access your session by selecting appropriate day under the “Agenda” header.
  3. Locate your session and click “Watch Session”.
  4. Navigate to the “Contents” tab.
  5. Click the blue button to “Manager Preview”.

After following the instructions above, you will be automatically brought into a Zoom meeting for your presentation. Here, you will meet your assigned SAHM staff member who will assist you with testing your audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities. All presenters are expected to share and control their own presentation slides.
When it is time for your presentation to begin, the staff member will go through a brief script of housekeeping tips and then introduce your workshop. Your session should not exceed the time scheduled. Please be sure to allot time for attendee questions if applicable.

Financial Disclosure Survey for Presenters
(Not applicable to Works in Progress presenters)

All presenters and anyone involved in the creation of a research abstract are required to complete a brief financial disclosure survey.  Financial disclosures must be completed no later than February 9, 2021.

Your presentation must be free of any commercial endorsement or bias. Therefore, your abstract, slides and presentation cannot include any registered trade names, company names or logos. Generic names are allowed.

Disclosure Slide  
The SAHM Continuing Medical Education slide is required to be included as the first slide of your presentation. Please note that the remainder of your presentation may be formatted as you wish. Amedco, our CME provider, asks all individual involved in the development and presentation of Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities to disclose all relationships with commercial interests. This information is disclosed to CME activity participants. Amedco has procedures to resolve apparent conflicts of interest. In addition, presenters are asked to disclose when any discussion of unapproved use of pharmaceuticals and devices is being discussed. 

Guidelines for Preparing your PowerPoint Presentation
Questions about preparing your PowerPoint presentation? See our guide here

Speaker Registration
All Presenters are responsible for registering for the annual meeting. There is no registration discount for SAHM members who are presenting. All Presenters must register by February 23, 2021.

Conference Technical Tips:
For the best experience, we highly recommend that you take the CommPartners Browser Test at least one day prior to the meeting. This will determine if your PC/Mac and internet network are ready to stream the meeting broadcast. Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for this meeting.

Virtual sites can sometimes be blocked by some VPNs and firewalls. If you are having issues getting the page to load, disconnecting from your VPN usually solves this issue. If you continue to have issues, please email [email protected]

Minimum System Requirements: 2.0Ghz Processor or faster 2 GB RAM (Greater than 2 GB recommended) 

What do I need to attend sessions?

Device: It’s best to use a computer or laptop that has an updated internet browser.

Speakers: Sound is projected through your computer speakers, so make sure they work to hear the presenters.

Internet: It’s best to use a wired internet connection. A wired connection gives a consistent signal and consistent bandwidth, providing a better experience. Wifi is not recommended because the signal strength can vary.

 What if I have technical Issues or Need Assitance? 

CommPartners support and SAHM staff are available to assist at any time during the conference. To get technical support please email [email protected]

Live Workshops


  • Workshop’s will be presented using Zoom. Speakers and attendees will access the session directly from the SAHM Annual Meeting virtual platform.
  • The default presentation format for workshops is “Zoom Meeting”, which allows for both presenters and attendees to be visible.
  • The Zoom session room includes a “chat box” which is a text-based tool allowing speakers and attendees the ability to communicate with either the entire group or individually.
  • Attendees will be automatically muted upon entry however will have the ability to unmute themselves to ask questions when permitted. We strongly encourage you to inform attendees how best to ask questions – (either directly through the chat, during a designated Q&A where attendees can ask questions orally or both). We recommend assigning a member of your presentation group to monitor the chat and rely selected questions to the speaker team to respond.  
  • All Workshops will be recorded. Recordings of Workshops that do not use breakout rooms will be posted for attendees to view and earn CME/CE credits within 2 business days from when the session was held. The recordings of sessions using breakouts will not be initially posted but may be added for registered attendees to view at a later date however the viewing of those recordings will not be eligible for CME/CE credit. 

Workshop Presenter FAQ

What functions in Zoom are available to presenters?
All functions in Zoom are available for presenters to access and utilize, annotations, chat, polls, break-out rooms and virtual backgrounds. Presenters can also use external apps in Zoom such as Poll Everywhere, Kahoot and Mural.

What if I am sharing content from a third-party video in my presentation?
If you are sharing content from a third-party in your presentation you will need to check the box “share computer sound” in the bottom left hand corner when sharing your screen.

Who will control the breakout rooms? The SAHM technical staff person on each call with manage the breakouts for each session that wishes to use them.

Can breakouts be pre-assigned? No, the breakout feature will use random assignments. We cannot pre-assign rooms.

Can I limit the number of attendees to my session? No, SAHM cannot limit the number of attendees to any session.

Will there be a technical person in my session? Yes, each session will be assigned a SAHM technical staff person.

Can I post handouts to my session: Yes, we can post handouts as a link in each session room.

Will I know who the attendees to my session are before the session begins? No.

Will staff set up my polling questions? Yes, if they are provided by March 5 staff can set up polling questions. 

How to share your screen in Zoom.

Five ways to Engage your attendees in Zoom.

See speaker best practices here

Research Presentations

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Platform Research Presentation Details 

In order to keep the sessions flowing as smoothly as possible, the following are guidelines to which all presenters must adhere:

  • All speakers must create their slides using Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
  • Platform presentation sessions will be presented live with Q&A live via the chat feature managed by the session moderator
  • SAHM will provide a moderator for the session
  • Platform presentation sessions will have four presenters in each session
  • Each presentation will be monitored for length. Each presentation should be ten (10) minutes in length, followed by a five (5) minute question-and-answer period. Please be sure your presentation does not extend beyond the allotted speaking time. If your presentation runs long, you will lose your time for questions.  At 15 minutes, the moderator will stop your presentation. 

Research Poster Symposia Presentation Details 

More detailed presentation instructions will be forthcoming at a later date.

  • Each presenter is required to provide a high-resolution PDF (no larger than 3 MB) of his/her poster by February 10, 2021. Please upload your poster by the deadline here.
  • Please use the following naming convention when uploading your poster: Poster #_ Last name, first name
  • SAHM will provide a moderator for the session
  • Poster Symposia sessions will have six presenters in each session
  • Please note that posters will be available for viewing during the entire conference

Poster Guidelines/Instructions
Download this useful guide to help in creating your poster.

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Research Poster Presentation Details 

The following information is available to assist poster presenters with their participation in the SAHM Virtual Annual Meeting. 

  • Each presenter is required to provide a high-resolution PDF (no larger than 3 MB) of his/her poster by February 10, 2021. Please upload your poster by the deadline here.
  • Please use the following naming convention when uploading your poster: Poster #_ Last name, first name
  • It is strongly suggested that each presenter be available to answer questions via the live chat feature during their listed day/time.​
Poster Guidelines/Instructions - Download this useful guide to help in creating your poster.

Accessing your poster and live chat during live conference:
The Virtual Poster Hall will be located within our virtual conference platform.
Discussion forums have been created for each poster to give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and engage with you. To view and respond to questions posted within the discussion forum, navigate to the “Poster” tab and click on the image of your poster.
Scheduled time for attendees to interact with poster presenters
The program schedule includes time for live interaction between poster authors and attendees. See schedule below. Poster authors are encouraged to check-in to the poster hall periodically throughout the duration of the meeting to respond to questions posed during off-hours.  

Research Poster Presentation I – (#35-#71)
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

Research Poster Presentation II – (#72-112)
Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

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