SAHM 2021 Annual Meeting: Mapping an Agenda to Transform the Future of Adolescent Health

In the next decade, important forces will affect adolescent health and well-being globally. Some of the questions we need to consider as adolescent health professionals are: 

  • What strategies should we develop and scale that will transform health outcomes and promote equity?
  • How will we address the adverse effects of COVID-19 and future pandemics on adolescent health?
  • How can we harness advances in science and technology -- including artificial intelligence and genomics -- to improve adolescent health?
  • How can we advocate most effectively for issues such as climate change that will impact adolescent health in the future?
  • How can we maximize our understanding of adolescents across different cultures and their unique strengths and needs?
  • how can SAHM create the workforce of the future by considering demand for adolescent health services and innovations in education and professional development? 

We invite multidisciplinary professionals to connect, engage, and generate strategies that ensure all young people achieve healthy and meaningful lives in the next decade and beyond.

Educational presentations (workshops and institutes) previously accepted for the SAHM 2020 Annual Meeting are welcome for submission for the SAHM 2021 Annual Meeting. Research Abstracts accepted for AM20 will not be accepted for AM21. Research that is new or new data, from an abstract that was accepted for AM20, is welcome for submission to AM21. All submissions will be peer reviewed.

As SAHM navigates this unprecedented pandemic the safety of our attendees is essential and SAHM may need to pivot from an in-person event to an all-virtual conference. Please indicate in the proposal submission form whether or not your proposal could be adapted into virtual presentation should that be needed.

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