Research and Mentoring Forum

2022 Research and Mentoring Forum
Wednesday, March 9, 1:00-4:30 pm PT
An Innovative Effort to Enhance the Research Careers of Interdisciplinary Fellows and New Junior Faculty in Adolescent Health 

This one-year program is for interdisciplinary fellows/ junior faculty/mid-career faculty transitioning to research focus with a career trajectory in academic adolescent health who are interested in obtaining additional feedback and mentorship from national leaders in adolescent health research in addition to the mentorship within their home institution.

This year's focus will be:  
Using A Growth Mindset to Emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic with your Career on Track 
You and your assigned SAHM mentor will be invited to participate in a live session where we will review this year’s theme, engage in discussion with other SAHM researchers, and hear from some of last year’s mentees.  SAHM mentors and mentees are expected to set up a regular meeting schedule throughout the year.

Each applicant should submit by January 5, 2022
  1. Bio sketch (1-page *) - years and types of academic degrees; current position, and any abstracts, publications, research presentations, grants
  2. Personal statement (1 page) - research training, career, and academic goals; and why additional mentorship would be helpful to the applicant
  3. Project outline (1 page) - brief background and significance; aims and hypotheses, study population, mentor.
  4. List of SAHM researchers whom the applicant would like to work with during the project as an additional mentor (Optional)
  5. Letter of recommendation (<1 page) from home institution research mentor, fellowship training program director, or Division Chief.​
(*12 font, 1-inch margins, the total size of submission <500KB)
PDF File of Application to be sent to:
Adrianne Goncalves, Coordinator SAHM Mentoring Program
Telephone: 617.355.6539

Thanks so much,
Maria Trent, Liz Miller, and Elissa Weitzman