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CODAJIC: La Confederación de Adolescencia y Juventud de Iberoamérica, Italia y el Caribe
(the Confederation of Adolescence and Youth of Ibero-America, Italy and the Caribbean)
Wednesday September 5th, 2018
The VIII CODAJIC Seminar will be developed within the framework of the
XVIII Latin American Congress of Pediatrics (ALAPE)
XVI Paraguayan Congress of Pediatrics and the
XV Pediatric Nursing Day
September 5-8, 2018
Luque, Paraguay
Centro de Convenciones de la Conmebol
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Adolescence is one of the stages of the life course that most arouses interest. This interest is due in large part to the enormous social concern caused by some of the health problems of greatest incidence in the years following childhood. We recognize that in general, healthy development and competence are confused with absence of problems. This biased view can lead to an excessive emphasis on deficits and a certain negligence with respect to the values ​​and skills that should be promoted in young people and adolescents. Every adolescent has the potential for healthy development, we agree with evolutionary systemic models that assume the principle that the relationships between the individual and their context are the basis of personal behavior and development. In our VIII Seminar, we will address issues related to individual and social behavior, emphasizing potential, as a consequence of the interactions between the person in development, their biological and psychological characteristics, their family, their community and the culture in which they are immersed. Our goal is to create a space where we can share, investigate, question and take away experiences related to the positive development of teens.
We seek to train ourselves in interventions not only for the prevention of problematic behaviors, but also for the promotion of resources and assets for development.

• Positive adolescent development and the assets that promote it
• Forms of consumption in adolescence
• Adolescents in the consultation: A challenge from the interdisciplinary approach.
• Community perspective for tackling problems in teens
• Sexual diversity in teens
• Positive parenting: Our role in family strengthening.
• Eating behavior disorders, another approach from addictions
• Family and community: Creating positive environments.
• Adolescents in a digital world
• Youth participation: Rights
• Good practices and services
• Most frequent reasons for consultations
• Prevention and reduction of unintentional adolescent pregnancy
• Adolescents: Violent or violated?

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