Works in Progress


This session is designed to provide a forum for trainees and early-career faculty (within 5 years of completing training) for focused feedback and discussion about common challenges faced in the early stages of research. It is not intended for discussion of completed research projects. This symposium will be designed so that presenters can obtain feedback and learn from others about projects that are in the planning or early development stages. Discussions will be moderated by senior investigators with expertise in the topic or methodological areas of discussion. Abstracts will be selected based on how they facilitate this type of discussion.

Before you begin the submission process, please note the following:
  • Abstract submission for this session is only open to trainees and those who are no more than 5 years beyond completion of their training.
  • Priority will be given to individuals who do not have other opportunities to present at the SAHM meeting (including traditional research presentations and the mentoring forum).
Session Format
The Works in Progress session will use a small group discussion format, with authors grouped by interests, stages of their projects, methods, etc.  Authors will bring copies of their abstract to share in the small group and prepare a brief 2-3 minute presentation of their work and key challenges or questions for next steps.  Senior faculty with specific expertise will moderate the smaller groups based on research challenge topic areas.  The small groups will come back together for the final part of the session to share some lessons learned and action steps for moving forward. 
Submission Steps – (Download submission instructions)
  1. Page 1: Provide contact information for primary author
  2. Page 2: Enter a title and write the abstract – include the following sections:
    • Purpose (describe the objectives of the study or investigation), Methods (study subjects, procedures, and analytical methods), Progress to Date (on development of the project), and Preliminary Results (if available, but NOT required for abstract submission or acceptance).  
    • The final section is Questions for Discussion: Include up to three questions that you hope to receive feedback from the group on.  Be specific – abstracts will be selected based on how they fit into topic areas for discussion. Please note: If your abstract is accepted, you will be solicited for final questions closer to the timing of the meeting, as we realize your questions may change as your work progresses, and we will adapt accordingly. 
  3. Maximum length is one page using 11-point Arial font and 1 inch (2.5cm) margins all the way around.  If different margins or font are used, the abstract will be converted to one inch margins with 11-point Arial font.  Only one page will be provided to the reviewers.  If more than one page is submitted, only the first page will be provided to the reviewers.
  4. Submit abstracts as instructed above to SAHM Administrator Caitlyn Gibson by 11:59 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.
Important Notes
  • Do not repeat author information on the second page. 
  • Be specific about the issues that you have questions about or are having challenges with.
    • Abstracts will be selected based on topic areas.  Examples of topic areas include but are not limited to:
      • Methods questions
      • Research approach questions
      • IRB questions
      • Connecting with community

Questions: For questions regarding online submissions, contact Caitlyn Gibson.