Fellowship status was established by SAHM in 1984 with 170 SAHM members currently awarded the designation. The title Fellow in the Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine (FSAHM) is an honorific designation granted to an individual who has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the welfare of adolescents and a willingness to advocate on their behalf at a local, regional, national or international level. Being named an FSAHM member is recognition for past or current accomplishments. For many, designation as an FSAHM status offers an opportunity to move to another level of leadership in the field of adolescent health.

The FSAHM designation only involves one-time costs — the application fee is $75. Once the application is accepted, a one-time designation fee of $225 is required to complete the process. This is placed in unrestricted funds, to be used by the Board to support special initiatives. FSAHM status does not affect annual membership fees.

Becoming a Fellow makes it possible for leaders from a wide range of disciplines to earn recognition for their contributions to adolescent health reflecting SAHM’s multidisciplinary constituency and international identity. Honorary Fellow status can be awarded to a non-member of SAHM in recognition of important and clearly documented contributions to adolescent health and well-being.

Overall Qualifications
All members in good standing shall be eligible to apply for Fellow status provided they meet the qualifications set forth herein and demonstrate both appropriate personal attributes and professional credentials and a special and continuing interest in adolescent health and SAHM.  Adolescent health is broadly defined, and interest in adolescent health may include health care, educational, administrative, investigative, research, legal, advocacy, and other scholarly activities.

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