I am a member of SAHM because...


‎“I need a professional home and community of colleagues with shared interests and values to do my ‎best work.” - Dzung Vo, BC Children's Hospital University of British Columbia

‎“SAHM is the organization that is best suited to advocate for the needs of adolescents and young ‎adults and to educate patients and other providers about these needs.” - Larry D'Angelo, MD, MPH ‎Children's National Hospital

‎“It’s the best organization for researchers who are interested in adolescent health issues.” - Holly ‎Fontenot, PhD, RN/NP; University of Hawaii at Manoa


‎“I've attended the annual meeting for the past 8 years and have found it an excellent opportunity for ‎learning and networking. I appreciate the direction SAHM is taking to stay ahead of the curve ‎‎(investing in DEI and its intersection with AH, bringing youth voices into our work, etc.). As a non-‎clinician, I believe SAHM's commitment to interdisciplinary approaches is important, and I advocate ‎for this continued expansion.” - Jenni Lane, Weitzman Institute/Community Health Center, Inc.‎

‎“It is the largest association in my subspecialty.” - Jorge L. Pinzon Alberta Children's Hospital and the ‎Cummings School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.‎


‎“I have seen the power and influence of SAHM in local, national, and international efforts to protect ‎the health of youth.” - Jack Rusley, Brown/Hasbro Children's Hospital

‎“The organization strongly supports the mission of developing healthier adolescents through ‎education, public and management policies and the support of like-minded colleagues. - Scott J Spear, ‎MD, FAAP, FACHA University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

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