SAHM operates several listserves for members and nonmembers to provide a forum for discussion and networking among adolescent health professionals. Such discussion may include referrals and the exchange of information relevant to adolescent health, research and advocacy.

Adolescent Health Listserve: This forum is open to members and nonmembers alike, to anyone interested in topics relevant to adolescent health, research and advocacy.  

Before you can join the public listserve, you must first have a member or non-member profile registered with SAHM.  If you need to create a profile, please do so here, and then click the button below to go to your profile page, where you can subscribe to the listserve on the Listserve tab.  

Member Listserve: SAHM members have access to an exclusive listserve available only to members of the Society. Members are automatically added upon joining SAHM, but can manage their subscription through their profile. To post to the Member Listserve, please email your post to This will send your post to all members subscribed to the Member Listserve.

To manage your listserve subscription, visit Edit your Profile and click the SIGs and Listserves tab.

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