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American Academy of Pediatrics
Providing confidential health care services to adolescents is a vital component of ensuring that adolescents receive preventive and the most comprehensive care possible. Minor consent laws are also important to understand. The AAP has compiled a list of resources on confidentiality and minor consent for reference. 
Center for Adolescent Health & the Law
This collection of publications contains links to monographs, book chapters, journal articles, and other publications regarding adolescent consent and confidentiality protections.
North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
These resources include tips for protecting youth confidentiality as wells as a downloadable letter to parents explaining the importance of confidential adolescent healthcare services which can be customized.
National Institute for Health Care Management, 2011
This issue brief reviews the legal protections in place to ensure confidential care delivery for adolescents and young adults, the effect of privacy and confidentiality concerns on the use of health services, and health insurance system barriers and other challenges. The brief also presents strategies for health insurers to assure that their billing processes are protecting adolescents’ access to confidential care.
National Association of Social Workers, 2001
Given the unique nature of school social work services, a dilemma often exists for many school social workers in determining what information needs to be shared, with whom the information needs to be shared when, and what information should be held in confidence. These practical considerations are often complicated by legal and ethical considerations, which vary by state.

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