Health Canal: Why Energy Drinks Are Harming Children, Adolescents (Aug 16)
Rutgers poison control experts cite an alarming trend and urge caution to keep children safe. If tots and teens get their hands on your energy drinks, they could experience seizures, heart palpitations or other problems that drive them to the hospital emergency room.        

U.S. News & World Report: Report: ‘Fat Letters’ Necessary to Fight Childhood Obesity (Aug 19)
Height and weight screenings in public schools have sparked controversy in recent years since many schools began sending “report cards” that notify parents if their child is overweight or obese. But such reports are necessary in the fight against childhood obesity, according to a new paper from the AAP.

USA Today: Alarming find: 29% of high school girls use tanning beds (Aug 19)
About 29% of white high school girls use tanning beds, according to a new study, whose findings have alarmed doctors and public health officials concerned about rising rates of deadly skin cancers in young women.      

CNN: Drawing cartoons empowers teen with mental disorders (Aug 19)         
On the surface, Zack Hix is like many 18-year-olds. But Zack also suffers from a laundry list of mental health issues, including both intermittent explosive- and obsessive-compulsive disorders, which make him different from other kids his age and threaten to inhibit his ability to function as an independent adult.

The Hill: HHS targets young consumers with ObamaCare video competition (Aug 19)
The Health and Human Services Department is teaming up with the group Young Invincibles in a new effort to encourage young people to enroll in new coverage options under ObamaCare.

MedPage Today: AHRQ Names Kronick as New Director (Aug 19)
Health reform researcher Richard Kronick, PhD, will become the new director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) after longtime director Carolyn Clancy, MD, leaves the post later this month.

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Chicago Tribune (IL): Birth control info required in state sex education classes (Aug 17)
Public schools that teach sex education will be required to provide students with information about birth control under a new state law.

13WMAZ (GA): Kids are Getting Acne Younger than Ever (Aug 17)
A skin problem that mortifies many teens is now appearing in younger kids. More pre-adolescent children, ages 7 to 12, are developing acne, dermatologists say.

New York: Chris Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors in New Jersey (Aug 19)
In a last-minute decision, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has opted to sign a bill outlawing pseudoscientific “sexual orientation change efforts” for those under 18 years old.

Kennebec Journal (ME): Maine health officials battle sexually transmitted disease (Aug 19)
Maine public health officials are reaching out to women in Androscoggin and Cumberland counties to stem the rising number of gonorrhea cases in the region.

New York Times: Oklahoma Judge Blocks Law Limiting Morning-After Birth Control (Aug 19)
A judge in Oklahoma on Monday blocked an attempt by the state’s Legislature to restrict access to morning-after birth control pills. The federal government removed restrictions on the purchase of emergency contraceptives in June. The Oklahoma Legislature subsequently passed a law that required purchasers to show identification and, if age 17 or under, to have a prescription.

San Antonio Express-News (TX): First school-based health clinic opens at Harlandale (Aug 19)
Harlandale Independent School District on Thursday unveiled the first school-based health clinic in Bexar County — the result of a partnership with University Health System, which hopes to open similar facilities in other districts in coming years.

Dallas News (TX): Measles outbreak linked to Tarrant County megachurch (Aug 20)
Tarrant County health officials have linked 11 measles cases to a megachurch near Eagle Mountain Lake.
Eagle Mountain International Church officials confirmed Tuesday that a person who was exposed to the infectious disease while on a mission trip to Indonesia had visited their church.

Kansas City Star (MO): Blue Cross to target childhood obesity (Aug 20)
Childhood obesity — a major public health problem — is in the crosshairs of a pilot program by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Battle Creek Enquirer (MI): Back-to-school vaccines move from clinic to drug store - or even Target (Aug 21)
Getting the required vaccines for school soon might be as easy as a trip to the local drugstore or big-box retail center. “It’s, ‘Look, I’m in Target getting school clothes, I might as well get my kids vaccinated, too,’ “said Terri Adams, a manager in the immunizations division of the MI Department of Community Health.

Courier News (AR): Lamar receives health center grant (Aug 21)
The Arkansas departments of Education, Health and Human Services awarded the Lamar School District a $540,000 grant to open a School-Based Health Center on its campus.

The Indianapolis Star (IN): Children’s commission prioritizes top issues affecting youth (Aug 21)
Hoosier children face an overwhelming number of challenges, members of the State Commission on Improving the Status of Children said, listing poverty, abuse, mental illness, suicide, health and juvenile justice reform among them.



Jamaica Observer: Jamaica, region urged to push sexual, reproductive health and rights (Aug 16)
Decision-makers in Jamaica and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are being called on to accelerate efforts to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment, the rights and empowerment of adolescents and youth, and sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

Tanzania Daily News: Tanzania: Reproductive Health Can Help Kisarawe Youths (Aug 17)
Recently the Kisarawe District Reproductive and Child health coordinator Ms Felista Kiemi has said they would cut down its current rate of maternal mortality deaths if it scales up its Conceptive Prevalence Rate.

The Daily Star (Bangladesh): Understanding physical changes in puberty (Aug 18)
Puberty is called maiden stage of youth. Various mental and physical changes occur due to hormonal changes when girls turn to adolescence from their childhood.

Brisbane Times (Australia): Labor promises to keep Biala House sexual health clinic open (Aug 19)
Federal Treasurer Chris Bowen has promised $3.5 million to keep Brisbane’s only free sexual health clinic open for another 12 months.

The Global Mail: The Boy Who Was Too Hard To Treat (Aug 20)
How a young life was lost in the messy gaps that stretch between drug abuse, mental health and treatment.

Victoria News (British Columbia): Society to deliver dental care to kids (Aug 20)
There are an estimated 500-plus children on the Saanich Peninsula who need basic dental care but they simply cannot get it because of the prohibitive cost. A new society has formed to address those needs and it was started by a Sidney dentist.

Arab Times (Kuwait): Problems Of Adolescents A Vicious Cycle (Aug 21)
In Insight today Dr Gupta talks of controlling impulsivity among adolescents, and ways for parents to recognize problematic behavior in their adolescent children.                   

AME Info (United Arab Emirates): Eating disorders amongst female adolescents in UAE growing concern (Aug 21)
In a country where obesity and diabetes is a major issue it is quite easy to overlook a dangerous threat to a percentage of the adolescent population. The issue of eating disorders is one of the highly anticipated topics at the Family Medicine Conference at this year’s Abu Dhabi Medical Congress and Exhibition which will be held from 27-29 October 2013.  

China Daily: Children with HIV live in fear of discovery (Aug 21)
To date, China has 8,000 children living with HIV/AIDS across the mainland, about 1.2 percent of the cases, statistics from the center showed. Most got the virus from their mothers.

EurekAlert: Growing share of HIV/AIDS burden shifts to changing group of regions (Aug 21)
The HIV/AIDS epidemic is changing in unexpected ways in countries around the world, showing that greater attention and financial investment may be needed in places where the disease has not reached epidemic levels, according to a new study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

Reuters: Ten key facts you need to know about adolescent girls (Aug 22)      
Girls Discovered, a project of the Girls Count initiative of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, has undertaken a comprehensive and ongoing project to map and provide data on the status of the world’s adolescent girls between the ages of 10 and 19.



Mental Health Channel: Late Adolescent Risk Factors for Young-Onset Dementia (Aug 15)
A recent study of Swedish men suggests nine risk factors, most of which are prevalent in adolescence, account for most cases of young-onset dementia diagnosed before the age of 65.  

Fars News Agency: Soda Linked to Aggression in Young Children (Aug 18)  
A recent flurry of research focused on 5-year-old soda drinkers and behavioral problems, finding that those who drank four or more pops daily were more than twice as likely to attack others, fight with them or destroy their property.                

LA Weekly: Debt Could be Killing Young Americans (Aug 19)
A new Northwestern University study headed for publication in the August issue of Social Science and Medicine found that higher debt in young adults was associated with higher blood pressure and poorer general health and mental health.

Winnipeg Free Press (Canada): Gay-straight alliances cut binge drinking, research suggests (Aug 19)
Having a gay-straight alliance in a high school has an unexpected bonus benefit -- student binge drinking drops significantly, a British Columbia study suggests.         

The Week: The lingering, devastating impact of bullying (Aug 20)      
Children who are bullied are more likely to have serious mental and physical health problems as adults and less likely to hold steady jobs or develop meaningful relationships with family and friends, according to a new study on the lingering effects of bullying.

7th Space Interactive: Eating disorder symptom trajectories in adolescence: effects of time, participant sex, and early adolescent depressive symptoms (Aug 20)
Adolescence is a period of developmental risk for eating disorders and eating disorder symptoms. This study aimed to describe the prevalence and trajectory of five core eating disorder behaviours and a continuous index of dietary restraint and eating, weight and shape concerns, in a cohort of male and female adolescents followed from 14 to 20 years.

PR Web: Bel Marra Health Reports on Recent Research Revealing 1 in 5 Adolescents Suffer From Permanent Ringing In the Ears (Aug 20)
Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, reports on a recent study revealing the rise in permanent hearing impairment in students.

U.S. News & World Report: Same Genes May Cause Alcohol Abuse and Eating Disorders (Aug 21)
Although research has shown that alcohol dependence and eating disorders are influenced by genetic factors, a new study reveals that the two may be controlled by the same genes, making people with one condition more susceptible to the other.
Reuters: Kids with autistic older sibling have seven-fold risk (Aug 21)
Children who have an older sibling with autism are seven times more likely than other kids to be diagnosed with the disorder themselves, according to a new study from Denmark.

Medical News Today: ‘Biological signal’ of suicide risk found in blood (Aug 21)
Researchers have discovered a series of RNA biomarkers in blood that could be used to develop a test to predict the risk of a person committing suicide

Futurity: Most teens have easy access to meds (Aug 21)
Three in four teens have unsupervised access to their prescription drugs at home, likely increasing the risk of overdose, substance abuse, and drug diversion, according to a recent study published in the Journal Adolescent Health.

Medical News Today: Diabetes link to antipsychotic use in adolescents (Aug 22)
Children and adolescents prescribed antipsychotic medications may be at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry.



News Works: Letter: School-based clinics failed once; why bring them back? (Aug 15)
The following is a work of opinion submitted by the author in response to the Aug. 13 article “Two Philly school-based clinics seeking insurance payments for effective, low-cost care.”

Columbia Star (SC): Sex education reform is not a dirty word (Aug 16)
Twenty-five years ago, the South Carolina legislature— faced with the dismal fact the state’s teen pregnancy rate and rate of sexually transmitted diseases were among the highest in the country — passed a law instructing school districts to create their own sex education programs. Some 75 percent of South Carolina’s school districts are not in compliance with some portion of the law.

Winona Daily News (MN): Dr. Frank Bures: Acne guidelines ignore patients (Aug 18)
An article was published in the May issue of the journal Pediatrics titled “Evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric acne.” A review of the article said the sponsoring organization was the American Acne and Rosacea Society, and the guidelines were reviewed and endorsed by the AAP. It sounds like it must be official and complete.

JAMA Pediatrics: Adolescent Health Care Transition in Transition (Aug 19)
Transitions of care are periods of vulnerability and risk in our health care system. The risks for poor clinical outcomes and increased health care costs during transitions increase with poor preparation, planning, communication, and coordination of care as patients move from one care setting to another.
JAMA Pediatrics: Stakeholder Validation of a Model of Readiness for Transition to Adult Care (Aug 19)
That too few youth with special health care needs make the transition to adult-oriented health care successfully may be due, in part, to lack of readiness to transfer care. There is a lack of theoretical models to guide development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines, assessments, and interventions to improve transition readiness.

Washington Post’s Wonk Blog: Why Obamacare is good for young people (Aug 19)
The trick to making any health-insurance system work is to attract enough healthy and young people into the insurance pool. Their low costs offset the care provided to elderly and unhealthy people, who drive costs up. This is the task that obsesses the Obama administration. It’s also the task that has begun to obsess its opponents.

Oncology Nurse Advisory: Counseling male adolescents about sperm banking (Aug 19)
What factors should I consider when counseling my male adolescent patients regarding sperm banking before starting cancer treatment?

ThinkProgress: Plan B Is Supposed To Be Available Over The Counter, But Some People Are Still Struggling To Get It (Aug 19)
At the beginning of August, Plan B finally hit pharmacy shelves, a victory for women’s health advocates who have been fighting for over-the-counter access for more than a decade. But even though emergency contraception is supposed to be out from behind the pharmacy counter, that doesn’t mean everyone is able to easily access it.

Redwood Times (CA): Send your kids back to school with their vaccines up to date (Aug 20)
August 2013 is National Immunization Awareness Month, a reminder that we all need vaccines throughout our lives.

New York Times: The AIDS Epidemic Can Be Ended (Aug 20)
It is crucial that pressure be stepped up on governments that, through punitive laws, continue to make the daily lives of homosexuals a nightmare. But even greater pressure can be exerted if we acknowledge that this deprivation of human rights goes beyond mere civil liberties: It is bad public health.

The White House Blog: The Affordable Care Act and Expanding Mental Health Coverage (Aug 21)
Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is a major focus of our mental health agenda. Today, health care providers, mental health advocates, and individuals who have personally experienced mental illness came to the White House to talk about the intersection of two important Presidential priorities: the Affordable Care Act and mental health.



The University of Michigan Health System’s Adolescent Health Initiative (AHI) is holding the 2014 Conference on Adolescent Health, which will take place April 4, 2014, in Ypsilanti, MI.  If you’re doing interesting work with adolescents, consider submitting a poster abstract.




IAC Express: New! All of IAC’s easy-to-read handouts on child, teen, and adult vaccination are now available in Spanish.
AC’s recently developed easy-to-read handouts for parents and patients are now available in Spanish.

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UPCOMING WEBINARS Save the Date: Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and Essential Health Benefits Webcast
The Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are hosting a webcast titled “The Intersection of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program with the Essential Health Benefits in Private Health Insurance and Medicaid” on Wednesday, August 28th at 2:30pm ET.

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Abstract submissions for scientific presentations for SAHM’s 2014 annual meeting are due by 11:59 pm CDT on Monday, August 26. We look forward to your proposals!

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