This paper articulates the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine positions regarding access to, and use of, medications by adolescents and young adults (AYA). AYA encounter a significant number of medicationrelated challenges. System barriers such as supply disruption, cost, and complicated refill systems affect adherence and contribute to complications and long-term sequelae. AYA need to be able to access medications easily, confidentially, at minimal (or no) cost, and without stigma. Optimal use of medications should ideally result from a process negotiated through the triadic relationship between AYA, their parents/ caregivers, and health professionals.

This should be underpinned by access to developmentally appropriate information, support and education, including credible online sources developed to support AYA selfmanagement. Self-management should be facilitated by meaningful AYA and parent/caregiver involvement in decision-making so that medication regimens are built around the life and developmental context of the AYA and form an integral part of their transition to adult health services. In addition, there should be facilitated involvement of AYA in the development of, licensing of, and access to new medications, including clinical trials.

The positions presented in this paper are a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve AYA access to, and use of, medications for chronic illness, contraception, and self-limiting conditions.

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