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Clinical Care Resources

Normal Pubertal Development and Puberty 

Website: Disorders of Growth Puberty & Sexual Development
Children’s Medical Center Dallas, 2016
This informational website offers descriptions, tests and diagnosis, and treatment options for several puberty and sexual development disorders.
Educational Materials, Pedicases: Delayed Puberty: Different from my Friends
Boston Children’s Hospital, 2013
This educational module uses a case study to define normal puberty and the stages of pubertal development in girls, to describe the differential diagnosis for pubertal delay, and to initiate the evaluation of an adolescent with pubertal delay.
Educational Materials, Pedicases: Growth in Children and Adolescents
Boston Children’s Hospital, 2013
Offering four modules, these educational materials will help improve understanding of the normal pubertal sequence and causes of delayed puberty and improve clinical skills in recognizing and evaluating children with growth abnormalities.
PowerPoint Presentation: The Anatomy of Puberty
ACT for Youth Center for Excellence, 2010
This educational presentation gives information about puberty, internal and external changes, common concerns and normal variants, and provides additional resources. 

The goal of the AHRQ-funded project, Youth Providers 2.0 (YP2.0), is to improve the use of evidence-based practices among health care providers caring for adolescents and young adults. To accomplish this goal, SAHM will engage in a number of activities using new media to improve the dissemination of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) to health professionals.

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