Welcome to the SAHM Adolescent Medicine Resident Curriculum! This curriculum is designed both for four-week adolescent medicine rotations and for residents’ longitudinal training. Learning objectives are linked with educational and clinical resources to enhance Adolescent Medicine education, and are divided into ten core content modules. We hope you find these materials helpful in supplementing existing adolescent rotation teaching or as a guideline to develop or revamp adolescent medicine clinical rotations.

Please share any comments and/or feedback with us via email.

Curriculum Modules - (download entire curriculum)

Please share any comments and/or feedback with us via email.

Special thanks to all those below who contributed to the creation of this curriculum:  
Mandy Coles, MD, MPH, FSAHM; Katherine Greenberg, MD; Karen Soren, MD, FSAHM; Maria Monge, MD; Richard Chung, MD, FSAHM; Sara Buckelew, MD, MPH; Jessica Castonguay, DO, MPH; Priya Dhar, MD; Caroline Baranagan, MD; Brooke Rosman Bokor, MD, MPH 

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